Well its official Brown Bear (aka me) will be jetting off to see the world and explore what life can throw at me and what I can hurl back as well!

This is the planned route but judging from timing and budget this may be lengthened or shortened I haven't decided yet but hey ho!!

Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia (live and work for 8 months), New Zealand, San Fran, Mexico, New York & Toronto /Montreal


I should be gone for a year, in that time I have set myself a few little tasks and challenges but more on that when I actually fly out!

Also to answer a few questions which are been thrown my way constantly, welcome to Marv's FAQ section

Q.Why did you pick these places?

A. I only really picked Australia, New Zealand and New York but the uber- sexy travel agent kept added more places to the list as I continued to drool on his desktop! The added bonus is that I have never been to any of these places as well and I get to see my fake uncle Jerry who may be the coolest person I know!

Q. Why did you decide to do this trip?

A. I'm officially 30 and as a mini crisis I decided to make a go of it as I have no house, no bf, no gf, no gerbil, nothing so might as well do something I've wanted to do since I was a teen but was too poor or drunk to do!

Q. You're moving to Oz will you be staying for more than your intended time?

A. To be honest I have a feeling I'll be leaving in the 8 months, I want to do the NZ and American part of my tour and I think me in a racist country will be too much..... For them!!

Q. You going alone?

A. YES, if I took someone with me I would end up killing them or planting 1.5 million of coke on them to get rid of them and I have a few things I want to do and with the distraction of someone else I doubt I'd finish them! Plus I have no patience so I can do things on my time.

Q. Are you sure you're ready to leave?

A. In all honesty no but when you do something you have no idea of what is ahead of you, how can you be sure......


Oh well that’s Q&A done back to packing.......

Well I can be followed aka stalked on FB - or instragram "maloweuk" if you look creepy I won't add you...... unless I'm drunk

Instragram link - 

I've now joined the "younger" generation and now on twitter as @MrGameandTravel so you can hashtag until you get sick of it!


Let's take stock and reflect on what has happened, when i originally started this blog I had no idea that I would:

A. keep it going

B. Get something better than a hamster, I now have a kitty 

C. Own a home

(Note there was a comment about me having a bf and dog here but NEITHER are important or worth mentioning)

But as ever I under promise myself and over deliver, it's been 5 years since I started this mammoth blog, each blog has got it's own style, story and maps how I feel about myself, travel and life in general. I would like to persoanlly thank EVERYONE who has joined me on this journey and made me feel cherished, happy and more accomplished, I promise to keep this going as long as I have your support. I just wrote this blog so that i could document where I've been and keep my mum in thel oop so i didnt have to use data while I was travelling.

So due to sheer luck and hard work, I can finally say my efforts have finally  been noticed, an amazing new magazine platform has been launched and I can proudly say I'm in it, it's still early days but first issue out and my name is in it as I worte my first travel article. Don't worry I've not gone corporate and written "go here. do this, robot speak", all my zany antics and wordplay are still alive and kicking. Please check out EBANMAN.


This is how specific the market it is, it's an over 30s gay black professional magazine, like that's me (minus the professional). I was approached by them to write an article for them, I practically fainted it was that unreal to me.

I also thought in the google search engine they must have put "gay" "black" "over 30" "travel blogger" "writer" and behold my beaming face appears in the list, that's my niche!

If you are in America and you really love me, please buy this magazine it will really help myself and this wonderful company out so much



2019 - UPDATE

Hi Readers,

I'm not sure if you know this but there's f**k tons of stuff in this blog so I unfortunately need to delete/ remodel some entries to fit everything in and I'm super scared! Mainly because i have to do more work and like Titus said "I ALREADY DID SOMETHING TODAY!!"

Morning all, happy black Friday!!

Before you hop online to buy that dirt cheap tv you don't really need in the sales, can i cheekily ask you like and donate to my movember cause, its for Men's health particularly for prostate cancer and mental health, i know people affected by these especially the latter (including myself) . Make sure men dont suffer and die early from lack of support.

For your amusement here's my current tash and the comparisons I've received
Alan from Peep Show
Ray from Sister Sister
Young Trevor Mcdonald

Happy Friday 😁 x