Emirates, Bangkok and fun

30. Jul, 2014

Pay up or the electric bunny gets nasty!!!

16. Jan, 2014

I seriously didn't want to get off the plane after this!

5. Sep, 2013

Well emirates flight, all I can say is it's worth the money, if you book SE Asia travel use them, food actually looks and tastes food, staff are nice and it's so comfortable! The connecting flight was interesting as it was 40% full and I had a row to myself and even made a “mini marv bar” from all the mini drink bottles I got throughout the flight :) 

First 24 hours in Bangkok

Well I firstly get here and I'm already out partying and causing trouble, I meet SAge who shows me around Khao San road, it resembles the inbetweeners movie trailer but with Thai people instead! We sip on a pink bucket of Sangson "whiskey" and ginger, be warned if you like your whiskey or rums avoid this drink! 

We get a taxi to the gay district and I have to say it was actually pleasant and I'm welcomed by loads of people which were nice, we then bump into a group of travellers from Wales in a bar called telephone (I think)! As usual I clock my eyes on the fittie although it's just him and 2 girls, and I instantly click with the mad pretty girl who ironically is called Amy, I can't escape my drunk Amys! We chat before SAge and I head to a club called DJs which is £3 entry with free drink, and it's like fire in Vauxhall, but sweater and the cliental is obviously different, I'm actually one of the pretty "muscled" clones for once :) 

Anyway after a few drinks, Sam goes and I stay and end up singing this welsh guy who I swear was as much trouble as his friend as he gave me the brush off even though we snogged for ages, but oh well I have ladyboys to get affectionate with!

Taxi home and a solo nightcap......

Wake up at 1pm oops, already 4 behind on schedule, but within 60 mins the below happens
I'm assaulted in the street again by a scorpion seller! (Seriously why?!?)

A fortune teller grabs me, gets my fortune, I'm lucky and open hearted but that's my down fall, clearly he's never met me, completely the opposite! He did guess my age and lucky number! I out scam a tuk-tuk scammer, who takes me to my temples and as soon as he changes the route and end up at the first "shop" I then don't buy a thing and get him to take me near my next place before the next shop, and have an argument with him and get out of tuk-tuk of deception and death and walk to my route and don't pay a thing :) take that dodgy Thai boy!    

I then walk around near the Vimanmek museum, head to the Dusit zoo for a while, loads of animals and my first time seeing a lemur and camel :)

Since I have no transport now, I walk at least 2/3 miles from north end of town to south and see quite a bit, it's actually quite nice walking through the main town and going through the residential areas, so run down but surprisingly refreshing, no mobile phones, no troublesome teens etc! 

People are so nice that they even have people waving to me in the street and had a group of girls invite me in a shop to pick and make flowers, they clearly know what I’m like from first glance....... Homophobes!
Anyway back at my hotel called Top Inn, kind of an ultimate budget hotel for dummies! 


Book emirates or any airline that doesn’t involve you paying fopr your luggage they always work out more expensive and they are dodgy as f*ck, you will have to get out and push the plane if you’re not careful

Use your wits and outscam scammers, if its TOO cheap to be true its just a scammers dream

Don’t book “Top Inn” (even it sounds like a dessert resort or a gay sexual advance) unless you are desperate and want to shower while on the toilet (yes it's that close )

Visit Dusit Zoo - its free, some sections you need to pay for but only open during peak season. www.zoothailand.org