One of the many sides of the harbour! Best view from the bar

Aussie Aussie Oi Oi!

Start of Manly Beach Walk and intro to Wiking (hiking and wine)

Ok welcome to the Sydney section! 
As you have been following me on Facebook, whatsapp, texting, scruff whatever mobile multi platform device I've kept in contact with you I'm going to make this the most brief blog ever as all I can say is I'm having too much fun, drama, hassle, adventure and general craziness to put into this space 

If you want a more detailed or humorous update on my life in Sydney pvt me on Facebook or even whatsapp/text me!

Right firstly vital information you need to know about this place:
EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE UNLESS YOU EARN MONEY HERE OR SHOP ON THE CHEAP - I did this in capitals just to make sure you understand the financial pain I've just gone through for the past 2 months. people who have travelled here before know this however even then the cost of things have rocketed since they were here in their early 20s so it's even worse!
Surprisingly travel and accommodation is cheaper then London as surprising as that is, it's true however there aren't as many stations and it's a train system, but with double decker trains, so you don't need to stand underneath that fat man's armpit you can now squeeze up to him in the seats on the upper deck! At time of writing this, a monthly ticket for most central stations is $98 that's £49, a monthly ticket for zone 1 for London when I left was £112 I think for a month ( ouch) 
Despite the fuss over the place, it's very small, I can walk from south central Sydney to north Sydney within an hour, possibly 1hr 30 in my case because.......

The weather is hot and so are the local specimens, my tongue was hanging out like a dog as I was using my sweat for rehydration and gawping at the guys/ladies made it worse (sorry mum if you're reading I can't lie on this). They are basically like the men of London, but taller, better looking, healthier, bigger built and tanned but with some beautifully focused exteriors the interior is faulty ( like Ikea furniture or most mobile apple products) they can be shallow, racially unaware and challenging, I basically put unaware instead of racist as there aren't many outside racial influences other than south/east asian people. - quick someone call ofcom or government body, someone is having an opinion here! But granted this is based on the guys I met so far, the rest of the country's residents are awesome so case and point, avoid life's wankers and you'll be happy!
Anyway that's the mini low down on what is the slight difference from UK to OZ, more will follow....

Also I have to say this to anyone who is stupid even to leave a country and start a life in another one with very little money and debt ( I.e ME!) whatever the minimum allowance you need to get into a country make sure you have double what they say! Believe me you need it especially here!
Be warned, I've been fortunate enough to get a job and house here with 6 weeks ( yes I am jammy ) but it does take time to get anything here especially jobs so lower your standards and you'll be fine :) 

Top tips - avoid hostels on Darlinghurst Rd kings cross area,the last thing you want to see is sick on the pavement and a hooker stood near the entrance of your building and 3 x18 year old travellers leering at her plastic mountains! although on Victoria St on the parallel is much nicer and quieter and with a string of cafes/ bars/ restuarants etc

Make sure you get your RSA & RSG before you leave home if you want bar work and particularly with games (pokies) (

Best Hostel to to go to is Backpackers HQ, friendly staff, reasonable price, free wi-fi & breakfast, also the interior is amazing, nicely decorated and voted No 1 Hostel for 2011-2013 

For good thai fast food go to ThaiPower on Victoria Street, great authentic food at good prices.

Seek is the worst job hunting site ever, along with most of these linked to gumtree ads anyway!

Shop in Coles and Aldi for food, always great deals and Kmart for household goods and cheap throwaway clothes , I basically kitted out my bedroom for less than 60 quid that's including a mini rug hehe! 

Charity Shops are your friend especially if people go to Kmart and their cheap throw away clothes are even Cheaper here, check out Vinnies on Oxford Street!
Ok tip time over, please follow me to the next page called - Tasks and Goals :) 

Anyway Austrtalia Rocks, Thanks for letting me in the country, Abbott!

Palm Beach