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30. Jul, 2014
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22. Dec, 2013

Tasks and Goals
While I'm out on my adventure of a lifetime (pt 1) I've decided to do things I need to either improve myself, see the recommended places of the country or just do because I'm low on  cash, it's a long list but I have a long time here:

Read 3 "classic" novels I've got several novels on my iPad which I downloaded

find a job DONE

Find a Second job DONE (WELL TWICE)

Find somewhere to live DONE

Sleep with an non aboriginal Australian DONE

See a concert /gig with a music style I've never tried before DONE

Go to the Sydney opera house and bar DONE

Walk the harbour bridge DONE

Go to the botanical gardens DONE

Finish writing my book (preoccupied with blog)

Befriend an Australian celebrity DONE x 3 (maybe 4 if I get my butt to Melbourne and drag someone I know along to get introduction and photos sorted)

Teach an Aussie about black culture - hardest task DONE

Go to bondi beach DONE

Go to palm beach DONE

Go to manly beach DONE

Do a helicopter ride 

Skydive (skyfall) 

Go to Luna Park DONE

Share a music artist with a local DONE

Discover a new Aussie music act DONE (Thank you Flume)

Make a friend that's not through another friend or work DONE

Kick start project - "new career" haha

Appear on tv and /or billboard HALF DONE

Destroy another classic song at karaoke

Pay everyone back who helped me (GETTING THERE)

Call an Aussie a kiwi and see the reaction DONE

See where kath and Kim was filmed 

Go to a rugby or footy match here NZ

Hold a koala 

Pet a kangaroo 

Throw a shrimp on the Barbie (the fish, not a small person) DONE

Find a sugar daddy DONE

Find a proper bf or gf or both! DONE

Go to the blue mountains

Explore Darwin

Explore Alice springs

Explore Perth

Explore Melbourne DONE

Explore Queensland PART DONE

Explore Tasmania 

Challenge on Aussie on why thing is incorrect and flip flop is right! DONE

Get some pop/ modern Australian culture DONE (think watch the Schapelle movie will do)

Get some aboriginal culture PART DONE

Make a statue of baby Jesus or cheeses 

Do the Bondi to Coogee Walk DONE

Visit Royal Botanical Garden DONE

Find a high point place in Sydney to see all the fireworks for NYE! DONE


And if these seem unreal then I can just stick to this list (yawn)