Sydney Office Life!!


Ok people, after a lot of thought (drinking) I decided to do something different with the blog. Basically instead of me rambling on about what I did, what I ate, who I friended, who I offended , what I climbed, who I climbed, I'm going to take things into a different direction. Mainly because I'm doing so many things it gets tiresome trying to write it all down and it ends up on FB anyway (how does it end up on a fuck buddy... Oh Facebook sorry got lost there!!) and to be honest most people like to read about people's adventures and good fortune but on some subconscious level you want them to stop subtly gloating and get the flu or something or is that just my sinister mind?

 Here's a little dog to cheer you up....

For the next few weeks possibly months if I don't forget the concept, I'll be bring up topics, issues, thoughts and if you will a forum as to what I think about life in general.


Yes that's right ladies I'm going all Carrie Bradshaw (Danny Wallace for the guys) on you, but with better style and face but still entertainingly tragic love life (to any exes reading this, it wasn't tragic with you..... Just horrendous!) (Jokes). Over my time here in Oz I will probably come across a few things that will make we wonder about people, society, technology, arts, hungry jacks, you name it I'll probably find something to bore/entertain you with.


Hopefully this will work however this does come with a word of warning, I'll have to admit something to myself which most people know already but ....I'm weird and damn proud of it!! I will probably write and quote things that most people will either take offence, cry, and laugh or dare I say.... Think about!


If this doesn't work, it's because I've gotten bored of thinking so much and then writing it down and revaluating my thoughts, or forgotten most of the stuff I was analysing as years of alcohol abuse and age (I’m really not sure which of the two is more worrying) has led to memory loss, I've been arrested for slander or copyright infringement or I've forgot to pay for the website again!


Right, followers of the mediocre writing society, prepare yourself we're going to start hard and it everyone's favourite topic.... Racism! (ofcom you are going to have a busy year if you see this website) 

A Bit of Contemporary Lady Art to give the website some class & sophistication..... BOOBIES (oops sorry not sure where that came from!?!)