Already home but wait for an update on 2nd September 2014.....

Home Sweet Homo

Hello followers and travellers


Might as well do the obligatory message to summarise what you've seen me post on

Facebook since I started this journey, so.....

  • 11 months
  • 8 countries
  • 32 towns/cities
  • 51 hostels/ 8 houses
  • At least 330 packs of instant noodles
  • A loss of about 50% of my clothing and possessions
  • 4 mobile numbers/ phones which I can't use when I get home
  • More great friends than I can count, and hope to see again
  • Seen an Uncle & Cousin I've not seen for over 10 years
  • A major weight gain and loss, I return half a stone lighter, so winning!
  • A part completed blog with over 8500 hits (THANK YOU)
  • Heaps of activities, most memorable - zip trek, A white water rafting, Scuba dive, snorkelling, sea & lake kayaking, mountain hiking, six flags, shweeb, zorb
  • A love hate relationship with the movie Bridesmaids
  • New found respect, love and knowledge for the SE Asian, Australian, Kiwi & North American people, culture, lifestyle, society, intelligence, religions, race & food
  • The world’s best tour, KIWI EXPERIENCE plus the crazysexycool people that were on it
  • Approx. 50 drunken McDonald's
  • Notes for my not so secret next project!
  • 2 new scars
  • Knowledge that Germany has the greatest football team and without them as a nation, the travel industry would be dead, seriously they are everywhere! :)
  • Proud fact I've never missed a flight I SCHEDULED!
  • A new drinking game - 3 man
  • Proof that I can fit into a woman's medium Gilet
  • An addiction to MESSINA
  • Dressing up as a white swan
  • A job offer in New Zealand
  • And god knows how many miles in long distance travelling via coach, bus, plane and train!
  • Plus new found love and respect for my UK family and friends (bleurgh), I have missed u



Well that's it's I'm home but before I start about my "emotional return" we may have to  return to page one of this blog

"This is the planned route but judging from timing and budget this may be lengthened or shortened I haven't decided yet but hey ho!!

Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia (live and work for 8 months), New Zealand, San Fran, Mexico, New York & Toronto /Montreal"

Oh brown Bear, you are full of hopes, dreams and bullshit, bless you!

As we've seen I've managed to do just less than 11 months, missed Mexico out completely however, in its place it got replaced by LA, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver and Whistler. And to be honest I didn't intend on doing that much of NZ, good thing I'm versatile!

So I'm meant to put down what I learnt, what to do and expect, well..... What’s the point?! I've done 38 pages of that crap, get reading, lazy!

So I've flown from "Torono" and landed in Manchester, yes what a bizarre place to end back home in but to be honest, there's a very VERY valid reason for it.

Flights into the north are cheaper; flights from Canada are cheaper than the US and most importantly, I shall be HOME!

You may have noticed I mentioned YAK a few times, this person has pretty much been my rock, advisor, occassional financial aid and generally best friend. He's also the person that has inspired this blog, mainly cos he gets so excited every time I do an entry plus he bullied into it sometimes! Seriously I swear onetime, he shouted at me in sheer glee that I felt the spit on my cheek via the receiver.

To reveal YAK actually stands for Yorkshire Andy K******! (your identity will be kept secret my Batman!)

There will be more on this development as time goes along but it's one of those "if I told you the real story of us meeting you wouldn't believe it" stories. I'm glad to know him and glad to know him even more after this journey which he's practically been on, well part of it!!

Anyway I'm back home and I know exactly where I'm going.....NANDOS "I'll have 2 whole Chickens, 2 large chips, one salad and the same again to go....NOW!"

In a bizarre twist of fate, I was treated to a holiday  (do i really need this?) to Milan/ Lake Como a week after my arrival to see my sister in a ultimate frisbee world championship, I'm not making this shit up! (

Plus a very "scenic" trip to York and Edinburgh within a month after being home, watch this space for more travel bug antics .........

This is Brown Bear signing out, this site and blog has brought me loads of pleasure and ideas and I hope to write or video another one,  Suggestions for next theme so far:

  • Brown bear and the Seven Wonders of the World
  • The adventures of TinTin, brown bear and a bit of snowy
  • Around the world in 80 days on a pogo stick
  • Brown Bear the kiwi tour 2 - revenge of the 3man
  • The diary of a call bear in Canada
  • Raiders of the last Ass
  • Marvin, Khloe & Kim take Swansea
  • National Lampoon's South American Drug Smuggle
  • A Passage to India: Brick Lane Edition
  • Seven Years in Tibet 2: 14 years in China trying to get Tibet back
  • Madagascar 4: In Search of Nandos Penguin Burger
  • The Italian Sloppy Job
  • The blaxploitation version of Lara Croft: BackComb Braider
  • 127 Hours 2: The Revenge of the limb
  • Indiana Jones vs Street Fighter - Temple of Sonic Boom
  • Cast Away Parody - Stuck on an island with Tom Hanks and a giant keyboard 
  • And my personal favourite so far - Where in the world is Marvin Sandiego?!?!


VIDEO BLOG ENTRY - if you have problems viewing its now on youtube!!

For those following this gigaintic beast of a blog, which seemed to be more popular than I could even imagine, I decided to do a video blog (Vlog for the youngsters) to basically go through something I've not really seen in other blogs. As you go through the highs and lows of travelling, not many blogs actually detail the effects of post-travelling blues and how reality bitch slaps harder than Linda Evans..... Ah good old Dynasty!

So please see below my FAQs about my travels and my own personal opinions and futile attempts at comedy, if you laugh intentioanlly or by mistake.... its all good. If you want anythign else answered or you need me to back away from the camera, comments below!


Disclaimer - This video contains an ASL Ice Bucket Challenge, badly edited clips, personal opinions expressed through satire and continunity issues that even Jurassic Park would be ashamed of! if you are offended by this video..... f*ck off!!


Also to anyone wondering what the other project will be in the new year......... Watch this space. It will involve me in front of a camera but still with loads of inept grammer and spelling challenged wiritng :)

FAQ Video

Last bit of culture I saw Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum (