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30. Jul, 2014
12. Jan, 2014

Before we start a little fact for you, if you are born in 1983 like myself you are as old as Octopussy, Return of The Jedi, Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”, Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” Scarface, Flashdance, Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing” & Superman 3 – Good and Random Year but puts things into perspective!


Ok, yes I know a peculiar subject to pick up on but  going back to the mate/date/fake section. A guy bought up a strange fact which I didn't actually realise until he mentioned but he said " you Brits get the best of everything when it comes to music, everyone wants to play there and even acts you guys don't really appreciate or chart well there still tour there!"

Well slap me down and call me "Mrs OJ Simpson" the Aussie guy was right, we basically spent an afternoon going through a heap of old 90s dance, pop and R'n'B and reminiscing although I had to confess my knowledge of music is abstract and shaky to say the least. Can you really trust a guy whose first singles purchase of cassette (remember those kids?) was Fugees "killing me softly" and Spice Girls "wannabe"? No one can judge me on this really they were no1 for ages we all brought it......oh the shame, Fugees!

 Moving on swiftly......

 Yes, I hate to say it but we are the kings and queens (Quings for Transgender artists) of music, we invented many a genre although America is to be celebrated for jazz, rhythm & blues and country western, while shamed to revive europop-dance thank you gaga and!   

I do feel sorry for this country in terms of live music, there are some acts they will never see despite how popular they are or were due to the limited market and strict government here. As I discovered they will never have or had acts like Beverley Knight, here due to demand and chart performance however I'm happy to say I've not heard one Cheryl Cole and the 3 other bitches and gingey song here either. All is not lost as I've discovered more alternative/ left field acts are more common here and on the radio to boot. Instead of having the masses controlling the radio I've heard more Solange, groove armada and friendly fires here than anywhere else.


Also gigging here is so much better, I’m going to make my frost bitten friends in the north hemisphere mad or jealous but how great it to go to a concert in sunshine, beer in hand and your favourite on a rotating basis in the open air chilled environment without fear of rain, wellies or bottles of pee flying at your head (Daphne & Celeste, Reading Festival anyone?)

Aussies you win this round for sure, you know you're good music, and I've now added another completed task to my list, been to an electro  aborigine beat gig, pure genius


Best Radio Station here – Triple J

Right again I'm going to give you my own personal recommendations this basically to everyone who believes Cheryl Cole is a singer (I can't put "good" even the legal department of this website refused that term with her name associated to it)/ anyone born after 1990/ think euro-pop is still cool (it died with Whigfield leave it alone GaGa)/ anyone who voted for Ray Quinn over Leona Lewis, correction anyone that thinks xfactor "winners" are credible, although there are a few rare gems....... Michelle McMassive Fries who?

Anyway my thoughts on people that need a revival, more credit, get back in the studio or just need a mention really (Again please don’t lynch me):



Solange Knowles


Jill Scott




Erykah Badu




Anthony Hamilton


Nitin Sawhney

The Rapture




Rebecca Ferguson


Amp Fiddler


Sam Sparro


Eternal - Best UK female vocal group alongside MKS


Lewis Taylor


Beverley Knight


Dina Carroll


Roisin Murphy


Soul II Soul


Major Lazer


Kissy Sell out


Siobhan Donaghy




En Vogue


The Young Punx




Rolling stones


Kyle Eastwood






Mighty Mouse


Beastie Boys

Groove Armada


John Coltrane


Friendly Fires


Sam Cooke


Terri Walker


Junior Senior


Neil Cowley Trio


The Boxettes


Little Boots


Jocelyne brown


Shara Nelson




Massive attack



Hey Champ!


India Arie

A Tribe called Quest



& Black eyed peas pre monkey business album! Maybe pre Fergie in some cases!

And small list of peoples’ contracts that need to be terminated, effective immediately! Or in some cases need terminating. or Will.Yes.I.Ham!

Celine Dion – Damn you French Canada!

Justin "don't spit on my" Bieber

Miley Cyrus – you didn’t invent or introduce “twerking”, Black & Latin women have been doing since they realised they had more than a pound of fat on their butts and any music with a beat or rhythm was used!

"Lady" gaga – As Austin Powers said “She’s a Man BABY!”

Rod Stewart – just for the name really hehe!

Eminem - obvious homo, just won't admit he likes black bits!

Girls (Tramps) Aloud -  I know they broke up but just in case


I know the irony of this makes me seem like an old git but hey I’m in my 30s (well VERY late 20s I like to say) I’m now at that stage where I can comfortably say I’m stuck in a certain period of time and that would be any time before 2004!

Saying that I did met up with a close family friend in Melbourne and its amusing to hear a guy that was pretty much a bad boy from the age of 5 (probably earlier) and have a conversation where he no longer listens to rap /hip hop with any aggression and no message behind it . Since the trouble he has gone through is of the past he’s sorted, cool, smart and successful and to my sheer joy and astonishment he switches the radio to cheery motown soul classics! LOVE IT! Weird how your life choices & music can reflect the type of person you are. (Mr SH you are still the coolest person I know)

Music… what a powerful source


I'm not a TV man, put an album on, fire up the PS3 or hand me a comic I'm happy like a fat man at a 24 hour buffet ( I’m happy about that as well) but TV here is shocking. Even Aussies I speak to hear don't watch programs that are made here great, even they find the production lacking compared to US/UK, I spent a night watching Stella here although the Welsh accent and humour was challenging for one individual who I won't name. All I can say is, I can see why everyone is out in parks.

One thing to note is the news here is different, we're given facts and gruesome details about everything that happens all over the world, while here it’s more like the news has been mixed with the view and hints of QI. You're given 2 mins of the actual news and then 10 mins of how it would affect Australia and their opinions on the matter. Its part cool as it kind of breaks up the seriousness of the subject but part tragic as it breaks up the seriousness of the subject and you may believe the news reader's opinion instead of forming your own if you don’t know any better! If there's any 30 rock fans reading there's a scene where Jack is asked to lighten the news for Latin fans as it’s too depressing so music and pictures of babies in hats are added to the program... it’s pretty much what I thought of the news down here but the babies would be blonde here obviously!


Something else that really surprises me is English football is bigger here than Australian football, although compared to Brits talking about the sport, they don’t go into so much depth. At best they say who played well, table positions and what they like about their team while footy fans in the UK can bore you with history, player costs, injuries in the past 4 years, what the cleaner at Anfield ate for lunch in 2nd Sept 2006, and all that shit basically. So it’s great for me my football knowledge is limited to, knowing who Ian Rush is, the offside rule and whatever player is the best looking & most paid (yes advanced girly knowledge)

Random Note – If you are a comic book geek there’s quite a few stores here, Kings Comic, Comic Kingdom etc. but as ever eBay is your friend!

Right enough of this crap, time to think of another irrelevant subject……..