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Mardi Gras, Corsets & Bra!

Ok as some of you have seen the carnage that was Mardi Gras, you would have noticed
that I was dressed in a particular outfit! (only fb followers will see this)

However I have something to confess, although the whole point of this party was to see
the parade and celebrate mardi Gras, I did neither! Sorry lord Ben Cohen (the gay man's
champion in the form of a ridiculously good looking straight dude).
I should have been out campaigning and cheering the Gay BLT masses on in our constant
battle to get acceptance in a society, which basically needs us as well as we need them.
There would be no well dressed men, the art of drama/comedy would be limited, areas of
cities would still be cultural wastelands (south london, most of inner sydney, Brighton etc)
and women would need to see therapists to resolve all problems.

Other than the fact we need to go out there, show our proud faces and petition to stop/gain laws and combat repressed countries (enter Russia, Middle East, most of Africa & southern USA as examples). I can admit that I don't really see a point in some aspects of mardi gras & prides.

Getting your crotch out, taking an alphabet of drugs and bitching about our fellow
citizens doesn't really solve anything. Granted finding yourself in a gutter after too much
drink proves we're as bad/good as the straights.

A couple of days before MG, I heard several guys talk amongst themselves about what to
wear, who they were going shag, what club they were going to etc. We have developed,
take this conversation back 25 years ago it wouldn't be this open or conceited. We have
now gone past the point where we no longer have to  always fear of being constantly attacked in our own street for just being us in most western world countries, we now fear if we run out of substances during an orgy or if the club has no tickets left. So we have progressed but what into?

Granted I've contradicted myself with the above statement by not showing my face but Im
up to date on all the current affairs and on loads of right/law petitions. Watching some
people getting wrecked for a cause they don't really fight for and seeing the HIV, marriage
rights, domestic violence stands looking less crowded than the bars or the mobile server of
grindr, seems pointless!

I'm proud to be gay, proud to be me but I don't need to march the streets in assless chaps
to say "I want you to notice me, stop your hate crimes and I want the right to marry and
divorce my stupid husband" .........I can do that online and behind the scenes as well

But what the heck do I know, it's supposedly gone from a proud, fight for your right march to an all outfamily day out where we enjoy everyone's life and choices, laugh with/at people you don't normally get the chance to have grace pass you in a gimp mask or dressed as Diana Ross on meth! GO TEAM GAY BLT!

Anyway enough one sided gay views & politics, this is a travel blog / diary back to talking
about what I've done.

As you may have seen, my mardi gras experience was limited because I was at a
Hollywood fancy dress party dressed as the white swan from Black Swan, although I was
probably just as mental as my black counterpart and channelling Mila Kunis or NeNe from
housewives of Atlanta!

Well I'm not sure what to write here people, I was in a white corset, white tutu, pink tights
and pretty headgear, can't paint a more pretty, feminine yet manly picture if I tried!
It was all set in the Darlo Embassy, this is a house of international housemates not some
seedy club in the back streets of darlinghurst, although after that party........

I can't really go through what happened as I still cant remember most of it and I have to
protect people's reputations as well, but heres a rundown of what I remembered:


  • I had guys pinching my ass, and picking me up like I was a damsel in distress (well I'm in this DRESS!)
  • I had women telling me I looked pretty and were emerald with envy! Ladies love a man in drag, it's like the ultimate humiliation and flirting tool in one cute package!
  • I was dragged in the toilet with at least 3 different women on separate occasions, so no social shock for me to see a lady pee after girl 2!
  • We noticed despite it being Mardi Gras aka gay Xmas, I was the only gay there until 11pm, oh Daffyd!
  • No party really gets going until you put Britney or PCD on! Sorry American white dudes but excessive use of college rock/ alternative has a place in a party, it's called Leeds/Reading Festival.
  • It's true no matter what type of house party you go to, everyone ends up in the kitchen
  • Being an extrovert has its downfalls, literally, I was hardly on my feet after 1am
  • When laid on a bed in a tutu never have your face away from the door, someone with a dirty grin and camera could be snapping comedy gold!
  • The drinks ran out about 3am however when I came back the next day there were loads ofbottles with drink, so clearly having no lights on has a purpose if you want a drink the following day.

I also went to the Mardi Gras Fair Day which is basically like soho pride but in a bigger venue, you really don't realise how many GBLT people and supporters there are.

Here you go another link for Mardi Gras - http://www.mardigras.org.au/ have a gander and look at the supporters and links for other info, its quite insightful!!

Anyway that was my mardi Gras experience, may not be the most exciting thing for me but was the best house party I've been to!

Next we have the 6 month review.... A summary for the lazy reader of this blog

Prepare the sick bag!!!