it may cost a bit to go on each ride but its a good walk through to the other side for photo opps!

Tasks, Activities & A Cheap Laugh

OK I'm not sure what to do here but a fellow blog fan/ sponsor/PR Guru suggested to me to suggest some ideas to the bored, sexually repressed, moneyless traveller. Have a look to see what you can do while they wait for the cash to roll in, see the below.

NOTE - If you can think of more add them to the comment section below


  • Re-inact TV shows, i.e pretend someone is Gok Wan and dress another traveller in others' clothes or Championship Boxing (this may cause an actual fight) or Do "Ready, Steady, Cook" with whatever crap you guys have left in the fridge *only do this during the quiet period of the kitchen rota, unless you want Ready, Steady and Boxing to combine!
  • See how many different accents you can do in 60 seconds, if you get people from all over the world it makes it even funnier.
  • Go to a Museum or Library, you also get FREE Wi-Fi, culture and books (3-4-1)
  • Take a long Walk around the city/town/barn you are in
  • If you are Black or of dark skin - go to a tanning salon and ask for a top up tan for a free laugh and shock value!
  • Head to a beach or swimming pool
  • Surf the net for FREE music, theatre or open mic nights, you may discover the next Kaiser Chiefs or if they are bad you might discover another 8th place runner up for X-factor. Be warned you might see me trying to attempt stand up
  • If you have an instrument, go next to a busker and have a sing off/ battle (who says you need a Wii for this stuff), you may discover a partnership
  • Go on Buzzfeed and complete all the quizzes they have ( , by the time you are done you would have all your personality traits assesed and go mental about your persona. Even worse you'll go mental and write a blog like this
  • Ring your parents, they might actually miss you...... (they might send cash if you say how bored you are)
  • If your hostel has board games, play all of them simultaneously, be warned if you drop the top hat from Monopoly on the operation board, you lose both games! Or just set up mousetrap and just watch the ball go round, its quite fun!
  • Count how many druggies there are in a square 1/2 KM, if its more than 10, you're either in a really fun area or you need to move ... quickly!!
  • look for online paid surveys, earn some cash while you wait for the other cash to roll in.
  • Look up free episodes & podcasts you might discover something new!
  • I suggest to everyone, download Marvel or DC comics app and just look at the artwork, even you hate comics just appreciate someone drew that and how detailed it is. kinda makes you think when you call a reality tv star "talented"
  • Watch a documentary on TV, might as well get some education before you kill the brain cells with beer
  • Read a book....... a cookbook counts as well
  • Be an Intern in a cool job (magazine, video games maker,publisher, porn studio etc)
  • Go to an Improv class
  • If you are a comedy fan, Watch SNL skits on Youtube and see how many times they f up the lines. (Jimmy Fallon is No 1 so far)
  • Take your camera and find the most obsecure thing and add to Instragram , I'm bored of seeing beautiful scenery and people in every update I see (Username maloweuk will be pleased)
  • See how many 80s or 90s Cartoons you can name in 2 mins
  • Go to as many hostels as you can in a day and get free drinks and play their games
  • Help an old person across the road, anything over 40 will do, you might get money or a date if you are lucky and/or desperate
  • If you are gay, go on your mobile app arrange a meet where you DON'T play hide the sausage (good luck sluts)
  • Go to a real estate agency in your best garments and request to see the best houses they have available, might as well go to toilet in a nice house.
  • If hungry, go to the market, bottle shops & superstores and get as many free samples as possible . And if its not cooked properly you have a law suit on your hands and more cash coming your way.
  • Be a child again, play hide and seek, eye spy or better yet if there's someone you fancy in the hostel, KISS CHASE!!
  • Skype anyone who is online, might as well catch up with that weirdo you added years ago after a random night out for a surprise conversation.
  • Research your next stop of your travels, you'd be surprised the amount of times you forget to do this. Might save you a "Woodduck" incident (see Cairn, Cairns blog for that reference)
  • Check out the student/traveller agencies for free events
  • Cut your hair, you look a bit scruffy...
  • If under 25, look up things from 70s & 80s for travel stories and how things were, you might be shocked.
  • Clean your hostel room, jeez there are some people who forget all decency when they leave mummy and daddy's place. Pick your 10 day old bra up, PRINCESS!!!
  • Go on a photobomb mission and ruin as many family photos as possible!
  • Go on a 80s film montage and have dress up in as many stores as possible and do the Julia Roberts laugh everytime you go in a jewellery store
  • go to bars and "Shazam" all the tunes you want to download
  • Befriend a geeky traveller who has a computer and hard drive and watch something with them
  • If you're like me and you've downloaded loads of iPad apps you rarely use, go through ALL of them, you might be surprised how much of them are crap and just play pacman again for 30 mins
  • Look up Pacman if under 21
  • If low on funds, get as many people together to get as many goons, beers, bottles as possible and do all the above in a drunken whirlwind of fun. (Don't get arrested)

Right thats it for now, I'll add more to this list when I'm bored again!!





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