Just to proof how tiring living in Bundy is...look at the front page and compare, GOOD GOD LEMON!!!

Buggered in The Bundy

Bundaberg is just shit!! I tried to write something fair and not so pessimistic but… Uh who just rolled their eyes when I said that?!!?
There are hardly any functioning people, shops or even civilisation! There's more intelligence and better looking creatures in the cities where the zombies roam in the Walking Dead!

The highlight of the city was leaving and the library and I'm not joking, it had air con, free wifi, clean toilets and all the other bored and desperate travellers there.
Sorry blog readers, I can't even give constructive criticism to this place as no one needs to go here at all. If you are looking for farm work head to Mareeba, Brisbane or Hunter Valley as most big towns will have working hostels so you can drive or get picked up from there.

Zucchini picking, well get down to it, no literally, get down and do it! No you do it, no YOU!!

Here are the pros and cons so far, actually most of these are applicable to any fruit or veg you pick

Pro - you can have all the zucchinis you want
Con - you have all the zucchinis you'll ever need
Pro - you have quite a few short days depending on workload
Con - not much money and you are out the door at 5am (yes they invented 5am for some sinister reason)
Pro - I luckily got a tall handsome German guy talking to me
Con - he's my supervisor and I got him into trouble while I accidentally flirted with him!
Pro - I seem to be quite good at this work and people have noticed
Con - people have noticed which means they give you more shit to do!
Pro - depending on which farm you get, you'll get snakes/spiders/bugs, I've been lucky..
Con - avoid banana farming, they love bananas, little bastards! (every freak spider newspaper story involves a family finding them in a bunch of bananas, coincidence)?!
Pro - you can have a lot of fun with a zucchini (this started the flirting with the supervisor)
Con - it gets a bit phallic after a few jokes. (this is a pro as well)
Pro - it makes you realise how easy we have things in the UK
Con -it makes you realise how easy we have things in the UK

Anyway I lasted a week in this place and not with a happy ending either. The boss bitch of a farmer has some trick contracts which change as often as my travel plans!! (that's a lot for people who don't know how indecisive I can be).

As I can't really give you too much detail on here in case this is used as further evidence in my slander conviction, I'll just say if you see an advert on gumtree that mentions "Alesha", "Kevin", "Mandarin" or "zucchini" avoid this at all costs!You'll be given good accommodation but the deal for picking is shocking! I earned a record $99 for a week, but in fairness the pay was based on how much we picked and we did 2.5 hours at the most some days. How much you work depends on the weather and the farmers' period!

So we've now delved into the world of crap farming deals its time to move on to the magical world of Brisneyland aka Brisbane. On the train again, at the time of writing this it was $60 from Al Bundy to Brisbane.

Top Tips

Avoid Bundy - both and place and the Rum!

Send me a message or add me on FB if you want a list of farmers in Nth QLD, which states what you need to pick and what season they are.       

If an advert on gumtree is looking for workers it's really not a good deal. You don't need to advertise for something people need to sign up for which I found out!

Don't sign up to websites that ask for a subscription fee, we don't need to do it in the UK or US, why do it here?!? You're looking to get paid from your work, not pay to find work......

Just a reminder to myself of what I left behind!! JEEZ! I was crazy!