Christmas in the work place.... Oz Style

Oh I've got a job for you, now blow!!

North Sydney Office or Batman cave HQ, you decide....

Well, well, well, look who came crawling back…..


Yes it’s me again, come back to offer more redundant information and above average comedy. So, this time last year I would be sat in an office, wondering if my contract would be rolling, what bar to meet a friend in and why I was in an office in the first place, when I should be in the bar?!?!

  Since ~I had that thought in my head I started to wonder about other travellers and friends I had met and what could I do to help and also use my last month on the site for and I thought of this.

Why not have a job section!?!?!? (Woohoo, responsibility and mundane tasks are fun)

So for all you out there I thought I’d give some background on how you get jobs as it occurred to me that although the culture and working is the same, it not quite the same to find what you want, please don’t thank me, just donate funds to the section below (I’m not joking)

Let us begin!

Office Work-

Now I’m going get this out the way, gays and ladies prepare yourself for this but Aussies are even hotter in suits, there’s something about a nasally, arrogant and handsome man that gets you eager to go to work! Oh, the amounts I fantasied about having your buttcheeks photocopied 68 times while embraced by a sales rep, SNAP and back in the room, I digress you need to look in the following sites: – general job website – Media Jobs –Media & digital jobs  - can have the odd office job but you need to pay for membership (why pay to find something so you can get paid!?!?) – Might as well do visa/accom/job in one (again at a cost….booooo!) – basically Facebook for people who like to get a job and eye rape their new colleagues. Still handy though.

Be warned you will get a bit of jib for being a traveller and wanting office jobs but as long as you have a good background and education you’ll be fine, tight trousers and low cut tops are a bonus that includes guys since men’s fashion has somehow gotten gayer!! A nice plunging, silky soft neckline for a muscled man, ummm, just no. Again to give more redundant advice Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are your main stops for office stuff. The main business area is the CBD and North Sydney for offices and multinational companies who are more inclined to pick international people.


Good lord, even typing those 7 letters makes me grin and shudder simultaneously. So if you fancy being surrounded by brown snakes, banana spiders and hunky German supervisors then get yourself to these sites: tip make sure you read the ad carefully, you basically need to get a base rate and bucket bonus, there’s a few scammers out there! or ring 1800 062 332 for National Harvest Service – harass them every day and you’ll get something, be prepared with your car ad boots to go!!! – if you’re not really there for money but want somewhere that pays for everything else, try here, you can meet nice people and not have to spend a thing.

peterpans/happytravels/indietravel and other travel companies will have sign up deals

Also thanks to the ever lovely and resourceful YAK, I have a list of farmers within the Queensland area which I will happily give out but you’ll need to email me if you need it, I rather not post them and have heaps of farmers track me down with pitchforks, AGAIN!

As for New Zealand, A cool friend of mine gave me a little case study, you might find this useful or you might think I was too lazy to do research, either way, read it!!!


"I was working on a mixed farm, they farmed deer, beef, sheep, dairy and arable and my roles were general labourer/tractor driver jobs. For example I helped out with the sheep when they were brought in to the shed and wormed (can elaborate more on the jobs involved if need be). I found the job going through a friend who had worked there previously. If I had not had this contact would have needed to go through Agriventure as it was part of my uni degree. The team I worked with were a great bunch of people. Highlights were simple things such as having a beer in the woolshed on a Friday night with the rest of the crew. Or finishing work and being able to go down to the river and fishing/shooting. Bad experiences would include getting stuck on a bad piece of machinery (not suitable for the conditions) and the bosses not taking me off it/replacing it.
I was being paid $16.00 NZ an hour with no overtime. a house came included with this including all water electricity etc. my standard work day varied a lot depending on the time of year what i was doing. My scheduled day was usually 7-5 with a total of 1hr break (half an hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks) but sometimes in the summer my total hours for the week would be well over 100"


Hospitality/Nursing Jobs

Again this goes the same way as Farming but doesn’t give you major points when trying to get your second year visa, but if you just want a job for a few months, these are perfect – good jobs for hospitality jobs included some for live in work

Also if you are stuck for cash just check with any hostel that you’re at for jobs, you should be able to find something as people are always coming and going.

Bar work

I can’t recommend sites just get out there, get some resumes printed, 20 bucks and have a good walk around and drink, just had the resumes in before you drink. No one wants a drunken working at a bar, it like getting a nun at a porno shoot, pointless!

make sure you get your RSA & RSG before you apply if you actually want a bar job, its bit pointless if you have no intention! (

Fun Jobs

If you don’t fancy walking in the sun in suit, being harassed by nature or cleaning up hotels instead of sleeping in them, then check these. – look for promotional / fundraising jobs  good for handing out free stuff and being on a stand looking gormless :) – tv and film extra, based in Brissy/Gold Coast

Hopefully this mini guide has helped you, I will return for more updates and case studies, big thanks to YAK and D.Meeson for the information. You will now go to heaven!

Also big thank you to the ladies and gents @ Ooh!Media you were awesome to work with and wish I was back there now!!


This was my view of work, not from work!