Well I can't force you to read these but I highly recommend you check them out:

Some of these may not be for travelling particularly but good for a read/tips.

Lifestyle - Into the love and life of Reading's answer to Cameron Diaz! - A detailed and stylish look into the world of a yummy mummy and how to look good while resisting to whoop your kids in public, uh I mean, be the perfect mother! Travelling adventure and tips for people with kids! - I wonder what this could be....... CLICK IT!!

Art & Photography - Gay Male 3D Art Erotica, pretty much says it all :) talented artist and poet  - From a seasoned traveller with proper photography skills, she makes everything in travel, festivals and music look so funky and bootyilicious ( Note from audience - its been 12 years since we said that.....) - More shameless self promotion, yes my instagram page

Beauty / - Well a new section, we now have a beauty selling beauty products, yes it's my Priya from the kiwi bus tour with her own health and beauty business. Please support and buy, just because you are travelling doesn't mean you can't be beautiful, that includes you lads!!

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