Travel around my home country? Preposterous!!

What? The UK? Oh Man!!!!

Well due to "popular" demand, and when I mean that, you know the 6 people who read this & YAK, have held me at gunpoint to write this. So I was thinking why not write about travelling around this GREAT nation known as Britain (see what I did there!? Please don't shoot!!)

I shall be taking you through the Isles and hopefully I will be roughing occasionally, it so there will be a mix of suggestions on places to go, to be honest when you start earning cash again and acquaint yourself with the pampered western life, the idea of bunking with 7 other people sounds silly (but fun!). I do this for you people!

Since I’m not really travelling unexplored ventures, expect this to be like the lonely planet but with jokes, ACTUAL understanding of people’s predicaments and for FREE, you lucky bitches!

So on the Agenda will be the following:

  • Reading (Home town)
  • London (Hometown 2)
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • East Anglia – this will be genuinely new to me, as no one really lives here….. Delia Smith owns most of it!!
  • Some place in Wales
  • Edinburgh & Glasgow (Yes YAK we will be going here again, no backchat!)
  • Scottish Lochs (or locks)
  • Brighton
  • Dublin/Cork (I know its not part of GB but its nicer than N. Ireland)

And anything else that might come along

Here’s we go, Reading is awaiting you, yes I know London is more exciting but Heathrow has a direct service there!!! So let us ……… 


I love this cat!